Ronald Numbers has written the definitive history of creationism recently published in a new expanded version, The Creationists, 2006, Harvard University Press. He arguably has one of the most even-handed, insightful and informed perspectives on the evolution-creation debate. Numbers cites a very vocal secular atheist minority as contributing to the erosion of science education rather than offering solutions. In a recent interview for Numbers says,

"I don't know what the figures are right now, but I bet half of the scientists in America believe in some type of God. So I think Dawkins and Dennett are in a minority of evolutionists in saying that evolution is atheistic. I also think it does a terrible disservice to public policy in the United States." - R. Numbers, January 2, 2007

Understanding of the motivations and beliefs of those who reject evolution is critical in improving science education. As long as the public perceives science as an enterprise hostile towards religous convictions the evolution-creation debate will continue indefinitely.