National Academy of Science and evolution

In the USA the most prominent and influential of scientific organizations is arguably the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The Academy began in 1863 and the original act of congress creating the Academy was signed by president Abraham Lincoln. The charter members included some of the greatest American scientists of the day including the Harvard geologist and zoologist Louis Agassiz. Membership in the NAS is by election and being voted a member of the Academy remains among the highest honors bestowed on an American scientist.

So, what does the single most prestigious, prominent and influential scientific organization in America have to say on the evolution/creationism debate? Today the NAS released a press statement showing unequivocal support for evolution and decidedly against any notion of creationism or intelligent design as a valid scientific endeavor. NAS president Ralph Cicerone said, "The study of evolution remains one of the most active, robust and useful fields in science". NAS published a new book, Science, Evolution and Creationism, for the general public, especially science educators, school boards and policy makers, dealing with the evolution/creationism debate (the pdf version is available online for free) and tomorrow there will be a live webcast on the topic of evolution/creationism. To quote the NAS book, "Biological evolution is the central organizing principle in modern biology". So if there was any question in one's mind as to the consensus on biological evolution look no further than the most prestigious scientific organization in America, the National Academy of Sciences.

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